Tiger Stripe Membership

2021 Membership Open Until Jan. 2025

Everybody wants to be a part of something. Why not be a part of the Tiger Stripe Apparel Membership community. The best part is that this membership is FREE and only requires your email address. Once you provide your email, we will periodically send out member only discount codes that you can use on different merchandise in the store. Members also receive a significant discount on our yearly Special Edition Tee.

ATTENTION!!!! We have a yearly cap of 20 people, so subscribe soon. Due to our limited membership numbers, current members who have not made a purchase within 4 months of joining the membership will be rotated out for new members.  

If this all sounds good, scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says "Tiger Stripe Membership," enter your email address, click "Subscribe" and you are all set.


If you are a member and want to order your membership apparel, click this link and enter your special discount code sent to your email. Don't be alarmed by the price you see when you get there. You will receive the special member price once you enter your code. 



We are excited to have you become a part of the Tiger Stripe community!!!